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Q: When is your next CD due out?

A: April 29th marks the release of "Return To Paradise," a double album of new songs and live recordings!! See CMC International for more..

Q: There are rumors of a 97' tour, is it true?

A: It's TWOO! It's TWOO!

Q: Did Tommy Shaw ever meet John C. (The Guitarist he replaced) ?

A: One day during the Equinox tour in 1976, I was staying with Jim Vose in his Berwyn, Illinois apartment during a break. I heard a knock on the door and when I opened it a fellow said to me, "Hi, I'm JC. Is Vose there?" I introduced myself and we did the "Nice to meet you", "You too..." thing. It was a little awkward, but very civil. That would be my only face to face with JC. How tragic his untimely death was. He was a brilliant and innovative artist and I would have liked to know him.

Q: Tommy, How old is your daughter now? Are you planning on having more kids?

A: Hannah is 9 years old and in the 4th grade. No plans for more children...

Q: When you rehearse, do you ever have some of the parts written out on paper?

A: You know, that is a good idea. Usually by the time we have gotten to the rehearsal stage of a project, we have lived with the material through its infancy and know it pretty darn well...

Q: Did the band sign with CMC International?

A: We have not signed as of this date, but we have shaken hands and that is good as signing as far as we all are concerned...

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