~The Web Cam Shows~


The Styxcrew. com site was provided by "Cookie", a member of the Styx Crew. Initially developed for family members, Tommy told fans about the site in a Styxworld chat that made this a much more public site than what it was intended for.

Dependent on internet access either from a venue or through cellular access, each show was a hit or miss thing with the duration of the show. Add in the fact that once the cams were turned on for the show, there was no ability to restart the web cams if there was some type of technical glitch once the show started. originally started with a single cam on Tommy's side of the stage that later expended to an additional cam on Larry's side. Each cam refreshed every 30 seconds.

The site provided a unique insight to the stage show that Styx put on between 2004 and 2007, when Cookie left the Styx Crew.

Special thanks to Patti Hearn who spent endless nights capturing most of these shows.


The Information contained within the Archive section is for historical reference only.
It is information that is no longer contained in the current site.

This is a Fan site and has no connection with the band Styx.
It's intention is to act like a library that covers and references the history of the band for fan enjoyment

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