Afternoon Delight?

JANUARY 13, 2005

Photo: Daniel Wills

Not quite, but it was fun to get a good rehearsal in while in Santa Ynez. With so much recording left to do for our upcoming album of songs which helped form the sound of STYX, as well as some ideas for future live shows, it was a very productive way to spend the afternoon in Santa Ynez, California.

Santa Ynez is a quiet community of vineyards and horse ranches inhabited by many who traded the intensity of Los Angeles for the serenity of the hills and valleys of this peaceful hideaway.

But the audience was a stone cold Rock&Roll crowd who, once security walked away in the middle of our show, all came forward right to the edge of the stage. I have to say, the ladies are getting certainly very touchy-feely with us these days. In all of my years I've never quite experienced what's been going on lately. STYX fans gone wild? Stay tuned...


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