JANUARY 26, 2005

Hello Friends,

Despite the fact that Holly Williams was a no show for some reason, last night at the new House of Blues in Cleveland was a blast. We were curious how this new addition to the famous chain would be and from our crew to the fans it was unanimous. SCORE! Now we have a cool small stage to come to when we are not on an amphitheater or arena tour. It's a whole different experience for us all when it's up close and personal like that. You're close enough to see little decisions being made, little facial expressions that tell you when we like what we're doing or if we are goofing around or if we are lost in it all. To me that's the beauty of seeing a performer in a smaller venue.

We had a chance to stop by the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame Museum to cut some video tape for one of their projects. They are doing a renovation right now, resurfacing the floor with a cushier new material that will be easier on your feet so you can spend all the time you want there with less fatigue. You gotta love that they'd do that for you.

Now, after an overnight bus ride we're in Michigan in the Upper Peninsula for two days to see some fans we're overdue visiting. It's cold! But people here are used to it and we're here for them.

Thanks again, Cleveland. You always take good care of us. We'll see you again soon...

Now, it's time to get ready for tonight's show. See you there!


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