Superbowl Sunday

FEBRUARY 6, 2005

Hello Friends,

We hope you are enjoying Brad Pitt's Heineken commercial as much as we are. We had cleared the request for use of the song a couple of weeks ago but were reluctant to say anything about it in advance. Our announcement that we'd be performing in at the playoff game Pittsburgh a recently had turned out not to be true after the NFL superseded the Steelers wishes and got a preteen female to sing. I think they are so gun shy after 2004's Titty-gate that they don't quite know whether to "make poo-poo" or wind their watch. Thing is, bookings like that have always been subject to last minute changes, even before Janet Jackson's sun-badge bejeweled sweater puppet popped out to say hello like Puxatawni Phil with a belt buckle on his nose.

So we kept quiet about the commercial. So quiet many close to us heard about it through the rumor mill after Undercover Music News out of Australia got wind of it and posted it on their site. Even then we kept quiet.

Jeanne and I were at our friend Marina Sirtis and husband Michael's house, eating BBQ chicken and watching the game. When the commercial came on and I heard the familiar drum beats, well, it was then that we knew it was our song. To say that we were excited would be completely accurate.

So now, as the song says, the news is out. And how good was Paul McCartney and his band? And they were LIVE my friends. See, it can be done. If a man in his 60's can do it, then by gum a teen-ager should be able to, right? Come on young artists, be awesome live, don't lip sync. Anyone can do that. Be great, and no one can deny you. GO PAUL!

And go Brad Pitt. My wife Jeanne, a self-professed Brad Fan, well, as you might expect, she was not unhappy about the whole thing.

Rock on everyone!


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