STYX Rocks The Ryman Auditorium

MARCH 8, 2005

Photo: Daniel Wills

Hello Friends,

Last night in Nashville, Tennessee we played Ryman Auditorium for the first time. We arrived at soundcheck with only enough time to get a good rehearsal in, which we needed after our longest break since 1999. Because of the time intensity we did not get to take the house historion up on her sweet offer to give us the tour and tell us more about its history, but this grand old hall needs little introduction really. It's the home of the Grand Ole Opry, which gave a stage and a radio voice to more legendary American artists than our web site has gigabytes to handle.

Growing up only a few blocks from where Hank Willianms is buried, the thought of being on the same stage he crooned to his longing fans on so many occaisions was certainly not lost on me. I can only imagine how many nervous young acts, like Loretta Lynn, stood there in the wings waiting for their wolrd debut only a few feet away.

I stuck my head on the door when I first came to Nashville in 1973 but never went all the way inside, it was such a daunting place. And to see it packed with STYX fans last night was something I don't think any of us will soon forget.

Nashville and STYX have a long relationship and our experiences growing up together is our bond. We've been through a lot together and STYX music is the soundtrack to more experiences than we could shake a collective stick at, but one thing we could do was get together there and raise the roof just a little higher. That we did. Everyone talks about how tough Nashville audiences can be. Let's face it, just like New York, and Los Angeles, this town sees its share of acts, but what we have seems to transcend all that. We have each other by our pasts. And these pasts seem to getting passed down to the offspring because probably three out of ten of the audience members were brand new to our live show.

My friend Novella, who is studying drums and has become one of Todd's biggest supporters (nagging Modern Drummer to get on the stick and get more TODD in their mag) told me last night about seeing young teens there during the concert singing every word to every song. I think that must freak out lots of die hard STYX fans, it sure does me.

Daniel took some amazing photos of the place, which I'm just now getting a look at, including this one which might be my favorite.

To all our friends from CAA who came to see us last night, thanks again for being not only the greatest agency in the land (this year's POLLSTAR winner of that very award) but also for being such great audience members. But most of all, to our Nashville friends, thanks a million for sharing an historic night with us at the Ryman. Incredible!


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