Congratulations to STYX Manager!

APRIL 21, 2005

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Hello Friends,

We're here in Atlanta to attend the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences 2005 Atlanta Heroes Awards program. Our manager, Charlie Brusco, along with Coretta Scott King, Usher and the B-52's will be receiving this prestigious award for their contributions to the creative community. John Bon Jovi will be introducing Charlie tonight and we will perform a musical tribute.

It's not very often that the people behind the scenes, responsible for so many amazing things that happen, get credit for their works and we're very proud to see Charlie get his due.

Any STYX event, charitable, promotional, or professionally speaking, since 1996 has had Charlie Brusco's hand in it. Charlie was the one who suggested we go on tour in 1996, who facilitated the "Volunteers for America" and the "Rock To The Rescue" concerts as well as the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame educational fund contribution which came from our tour with Bad Company and all other STYX charitable events big and small.

He's always been a hero to us. Now it's official. Congratulations Charlie!


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