Alert the Media!!!

MAY 10, 2005

Hello Friends,

This is a day we've been waiting for since the idea first sprang to life months ago to create the Big Bang Theory. The record is in stores today.

What we did not expect to hear was that 8 tracks, yes EIGHT tracks for Big Bang Theory charted in the Media Base Classic Rock Chart's top 100, with "I Don't Need No Doctor" leading the way at #6. We're all still getting up off the floor from that news. I don't know if we've ever had such a thing happen, so all we can say about it is--THANK YOU!

We just returned from doing the Bob and Tom Show yesterday morning. It's one of our favorites to do, because they run such a class act, studio-wise, we know our performance will translate well over the air, and of course with Bob and Tom, ANYTHING can happen and usually does. For a bunch of nocturnal creatures playing and singing early in the morning, we were surprisingly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. It was a good warm up for the Today Show, which we'll be performing live on this coming Saturday. The call time for us is 5:00 AM, but that's a piece of cake compared to the crew's 1:00 AM call! Too bad nobody does drugs, or maybe I should say, it's a GOOD thing! I will predict a rise in Starbucks stock that day.

Last Friday JY and I joined over 1000 fans on Hollywood Blvd. as Johnny Grant and a slew of famous friends presented Jim Ladd with his star on the Walk of Fame. George Thorogood, Ed Begley, Jr., John Densmore and Ray Manzarek, Jackson Brown and many other well knowns, were there to make it official. It was moving to see this legendary friend of ours get this honor he so truly deserves. Rachel Donoghue, who with her husband Tom, created Free Form Radio, was there to see her friend Jim be honored for being the flag bearer for her creation. Johnny Grant also read aloud congratulatory note from Tom Petty, whom we all know referred to Jim in the song inspired by him, "The Last DJ." We could not have been more proud. Congratulations Jim!!!

Thanks for the best launch day we can recall for many, many moons. See you in the record stores!!!

Tommy Shaw

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