Hello from Los Angeles...

MAY 15, 2005

Hello Friends,

What a week it's been in STYXworld. Big Bang Theory hit the streets last Tuesday and we have been getting great reports from Universal on how well it's being received and that you guys are going out and getting your own copies. For us, this is the ultimate compliment.

We made our way to NYC to appear first at the Mets game Thursday evening where we sang "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" during the 7th inning stretch, then showed up at NBC before sunrise to prepare for our three songs we were to perform live outside their studios. Their crew is top notch and always works well with ours. We got in a rehearsal of "Too Much Time" which from what I hear, actually went live in several cities including Montreal and Los Angeles. That is why some of you heard and saw us play it twice. Then it was "I Am The Walrus" and last but not least "Renegade." It went by like a flash, but we had a great time as always and the fans were awesome. From there I had to get in a car immediately to make my way back to JFK and fly back to Los Angeles to a wedding in Malibu. My mother-in-law Iris wed her fiance' Dale Ranney in a lovely outdoor ceremony surrounded by friends and family. The day ended with my wife Jeanne, her brothers Don and Rick and honorary brother Ken sitting outside around the pool at our house replaying the events of the day and having some good laughs at each other's expense. Just before hitting the hay I watched the performance on tiVo just to see if "Walrus" sounded as good as it felt like it did. Was Lawrence Gowan on fire or WHAT? WOW! It was fun.

We can't tell you how happy we are to finally have Big Bang Theory in the stores. We'll be adding songs to our set as we start hitting the road again so if we have these big goofy looks on our faces it is just the joy of having the excuse to play these songs again.

See you in Myrtle Beach in a few daze.

T Shaw

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