STYX at CRC Studios to Record iTunes Sessions

MAY 26, 2005

Photo: George Packer

Here's a parting shot after a full day cutting some special tracks that will shortly be available as downloads for purchase on iTunes, our favorite music downloading store. Thuy-in from iTunes oversaw the bleary STYX men as we rolled in after a long tall drink of Chicago fan fare at the Rosemont Theater the night before. As the sessions progressed, so did we, and by the time we left tonight we were high fiving, or as we now like to do, we Howie'd each other (Howie Mandel was the one who started the knuckle touch to avoid all the germs, and as singers who are susceptible to colds and sore throats, we picked right up on the "Howie")as we nailed one track after another. Each of the tracks were played more like live, in-studio performances with minimal overdubbing, showcasing the band in a way that is unlike any other recordings we've done. Included on these tracks will be three classic STYX songs and three from Big Bang Theory. We'll let you know when they become available. Here's us with the CRC studio staff who hung in there for the duration. Thanks guys. You always give us what we're looking for...Onward!!!

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