Ricky Writes from Spain...

JUNE 3, 2005

Photo: Marcus Nand

Here's an excerpt from the e-mail I got from Ricky who's in Spain, visiting friends before we start the tour in Germany next week...

Day one...
is a bit of a blurr but within hours I was jamming with Marcus Nand´s
Flamenco group. I knew some of his material and they taught me the rest. A
lot of poly rhythms and awesome Flamenco scales full half tones in the
color of the country itself...Marcus and I have written and recorded a ton of stuff together over the years however, and once we started playing though it was all smiles. In September
they are performing at Royal Albert Hall in London with other recognized
FLAMENCO Artists. Everyone is contributing their time and music for the
Tsunami relief which is still in great need of aid. This music requires
extreme proficiency to play and was a blast although I´m amazed that my 24
hours of sleeplessness allowed me to hang in there. I´m sending you a pic
of the band...although Marcus is taking the picture so he isn´t in it
...anyway, miss ya Bro. See you in a couple daze, RP"

See you in Berlin!!!

T Shaw

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