"Oh, I belong to Glasgi..."

JUNE 15, 2005

Photo: Jason Powell

That's what the old song says, and last night it could not have been truer. Having never performed there or been there at all for that matter (except for Lawrence who was BORN there!) we had no idea how we'd be received. But look at the man on the left, as well as some others who are singing along to "Christal Ball." This was after they surprised me with a request (it may have even been the man with his arms upraised) for "Boat on the River" just as I was about to start "Crystal Ball." In the dressing room we'd made a conscious decision not to do that one because we didn't think it had gotten any airplay there. Boy were we wrong. It became one of many group sing alongs and was part of a mutual love-fest that ended way too soon. Fortunately many fans stayed and waited for us outside and we got to spend a little more time up close and personal with some of them before heading back to the hotel.

I had a guitar malfunction in "One With Everything" and had to switch from my baritone Jazzmaster to my regular Telecaster to start and play the song. It was especially interesting because the baritone is tuned to a fifth below the Telecaster. I wish I had a photo of my eyeballs as I transposed while singing! YEE-HA!!! To make matters even more unusual, as I was singing and transposing, out of the corner of my right eye I saw something on my bare arm. It was blood which had run down into the crook of my elbow from somewhere. What a way to start the evening... First opportunity I got, I went over to the wings and Keith wiped it off, both of us trying to see where the cut was. But then I had to get back out to sing the harmony in the second verse of "Lady." Turned out to be just a nick from one of the plastic cable ties on my guitar strap that holds down the wireless transmitter antenna. I can't even see it now. As my mama would say, "It's just God keeping you humble..." Right you are Mama!

Now, after this crazy, fairytale day trip from Glasgow to Manchester, through mile after mile of postcards from Scotland out every window, we're here in our Manchester hotel, which looks like something out of the original "Alfie" movie with Michael Caine. Manchester is teaming with activity, this area at first glance appearing youthful and full of life as we jumped ship at the corner and off loaded our bags and things for the two hours' stay before leaving for Birmingham and tonight's show there. We'll return again this evening after the show. (Don't ask me why, I'm just the guitar player)

This schedule probably sounds a bit manic or maddening, but for a band full of short attention-span-atics, it's perfect.

More later...


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