We Salute Stuttgart...

JUNE 25, 2005

Photo: Jason Powell

Hello Friends,

Locals came out to see us play at this outdoor amphitheater in Stuttgart yesterday, and got a power packed show from both Kansas and STYX. Kansas played some deep tracks which went back to their earliest days as well as their best known songs like "Dust in the Wind." At one point Robbie Steinhart even left the stage with his violin to perform among the fans in the front rows. Jason had gone out to take some photos and ended up following Robbie into the masses.

For us it was yet another love fest with our German fans whom we have not seen since 2000. We've loved every concert here and are sad to have today be our last one in Germany. The time has passed so quickly it's hard to believe. So much has changed in Europe since we first came here in the late 1980's, but one thing remains and that is the fun-loving, music loving spirit of the German fans. Last night during the intro of "Fooling Yourself" I couldn't help but notice a young woman who must have had a special place in her heart for that particular song. She started dancing like she was in her bedroom with the door closed and nobody was looking, moving to every note of the intro with complete abandon. It was so enthusiastic and heartfelt I couldn't help but smile as we made our way to the verses.

Jason will be here any minute for my bags so I had better sign off and get the suitcases closed.
On to Munich and beyond!


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