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The Rochelle News-Leader, p2, 22 Sept 1994


ROCHELLE -- The Oktoberfest Committee has announced that J.Y., also known as James Young, will be the headliner at Oktoberfest this year.

J.Y., a founding member of the group Styx, is currently promoting his solo album "Out on a Day Pass."

"The title of the new LP, "Out on a Day Pass," really symbolizes the creative vacation I am having apart from Styx," says J.Y. He plays all guitars and most of the keyboards on the LP, and is credited with virtually all of the vocals as well.

The album was produced off an on over the last few years, during breaks in the Styx schedule.

While his first solo album, "City Slicker," was co-produced by Jan Hammer and J.Y., "Out on a Day Pass" is J.Y.'s first completely self-produced album.

Styx became on of the leading rock groups in the '70s and '80s, releasing "The Grand Illusion," "Pieces of Eight" and "Cornerstone."

He said Styx still exists, but for 1993, "I have for the first time since Styx, began making a record, put a band together with the intention of performing my own music in front of audiences.

The James Young group, as it is called, consists of some seasoned veterans as well as some newcomers.

Drummer Ken Karck was a member of the Chicago band Off Broadway. Guitarist Michael Baran was a member of the Glen Burtnick Band and The Galleyboyz.

Bassist Hank Horton and keyboardist/guitarist Lue DePasqua are new to the Chicago area. The band will begin rocking for Rochelle fans at 8:30p.m.



The Rochelle News-Leader, p2, 22 Sept 1994

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