Improv-Ice: Q&A with Lawrence Gowan of STYX

Brittany Evans

On December 15, 2011, Improv-Ice comes to the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC, challenging the cast of skaters to come up with their own choreography to music they get only hours before show time. Each skater will perform to a number from rock legends STYX, who will be singing live during this Pandora NBC Skating Series show. Tickets are still available!

Disson Skating caught up with STYX vocalist and keyboardist Lawrence Gowan for a fun and entertaining look into the the combination of rock music and skating–including the band members’ personal skating experience!

1) What is coming up for you in the next few weeks? Where can fans catch live performance?

We’ve played nearly a hundred shows this year in the USA, Canada, the UK and Sweden combined.

Styx have just two shows remaining for this year: one in Savannah, Georgia, and then we wind it up in Tommy Shaw’s hometown of Montgomery, Alabama. That will be a special night.

Tommy is in the Alabama Music Hall Of Fame, and people there are especially proud of his achievements.

2) Olympic skaters such as Nancy Kerrigan, Alissa Czisny, Sasha Cohen, Michael Weiss and Mirai Nagasu are going to skate to your music. Have you ever done a show like this before? Have you ever skated before?

Being the lone Canadian in Styx, I skated before I walked. It’s required by law in Canada, and Kurt Browning (Canadian Minister in Charge of Skating Affairs) sees to it that this law as strictly adhered to by all.

All members of Styx are sports fans, and I believe we have all skated in our lives.

Chuck’s brother John Panozzo (Styx original drummer) was a very respected goalie…and drummer!

3) How about taking a turn on the ice with some of the skaters?

If hockey sticks and pucks are allowed, I’d be happy to take a turn with the skaters. However, my triple axels are now more a fluke occurrence than true artistry, so I think I’ll be quite content to let the pro’s handle their art, and we’ll rock.

4) The skaters are excited about skating to your music. What are you looking forward to most about the show?

Just seeing that level of talent up close on the ice is captivating enough for me. Adding in a Styx concert is a novel way to make it even better.

I think the double-live performance aspect (music and improv skating) will give the show a heightened sense of excitement. We’re looking forward to it very much.




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December 9, 2011

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