Tommy Shaw Solo Dates




Location Venue
Other Act/Type

Nov 08, 1984

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Palace Acord Arena

Rick Springfield

Nov 27, 1984

New Orleans, LA

Keifer UNO Lakefront Arena, Univ of New Orleans

The Kinks

Nov 28, 1984

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Civic Center

The Kinks

Nov 30, 1984

Lexington, KY

Rupp Arena

The Kinks

Dec 01, 1984

Cincinatti, OH

Cincinatti Gardens

The Kinks

Dec 02, 1984

Chicago, IL

UIC Pavilion, Univ of Illinois - Chicago

The Kinks

Dec 04, 1984

Milwaukee, WI

Mecca-Milwaukee Auditorium

The Kinks

Dec 05, 1984

Mount Pleasant, MI

Rose Arena, Central Michigan University

The Kinks

Dec 07, 1984

Detroit, MI

Cobo Arena

The Kinks

Dec 08, 1984

Rockland, IL

The Metro Center

The Kinks

Dec 10, 1984

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Civic Center

The Kinks

Dec 11, 1984 Binghamton, NY Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena
The Kinks
Dec 12, 1984 Syracuse, NY War Memorial Auditorium
The Kinks
Dec 14, 1984 Philadelphia, PA The Spectrum
The Kinks
Dec 15, 1984 Providence, RI Providence Civic Center
The Kinks
Dec 16, 1984 Boston, MA Boston Garden
The Kinks
Dec 18, 1984 Rochester, NY Community War Memorial
The Kinks
Dec 20, 1984 Hartford, CT Veterans Memorial Arena
The Kinks
Dec 21, 1984 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
The Kinks
Dates with "The Kinks" provided by "All Day All of the Night: Day by Day concerts, recordings and broadcasts, 1961 - 1966 by Doug Hinman.

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