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Styx Promo Archive

Styx Promo Archive

Jim Cahill,  Marketing & Promo guru for rock band STYX(1977-1983) reunited with STYX Superstar Guitar legend Tommy Shaw for several video taped interviews in Spring 2000 for VH-1’s “Behind The Music”.  Mr. Cahill contributed color film B-roll to the David Story produced episode which became one of the most highly rated VH-1 Behind The Music episodes ever. Listen to radio spots and contests Cahill produced for STYX marketing campaigns (77-83) on this blog and podcast. View video clips from home movies, Super 8 film and early video systems shot or collected by Jim during his tour of duty on STYX World Tours 1977-81.  
Shaw & Cahill are still close today, 20+ years after Cahill left the STYX camp to form his own advertising agency in Marina del Rey, California. Since 1991 Jim has owned and operated the agency with partner Jim Atkinson. The firm specializes in broadcast TV promotion & branding. The agency has produced Clio & Broadcast Design award winning video and animation for NBC Network, FOX TV, FX, My Network TV, Fox Sports, Real Networks, & DIRECTV.


Listen to STYX Radio Spots from Tours 1977-83 below-click link below and see Podcast 1/archive for more
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To find out more about STYX: Behind The Music
jump on www.vh1.com keyword: styx.
NY Times Sunday Magazine 1981 Article






:60 second spot
First Cahill produced tour spot for a STYX Tour Summer 1977
“The Grand Illusion”
“The Conquest Of A Galaxy” was the goal and over the course of the next 7 years, we did what we set out to do. This promo fueled the campaign to kick off the Come Sail Away single and Grand Illusion Tour. Produced With Steve Ewing and Larry Hansen at RSVP/Joe Kelly voiced


STYX 1981 Paradise Theatre Tour

9 minute audio review of The STYX Paradise Theatre Tour.
Sound Bites included from A&M Records promo domo Steve Resnik, Frontline Management & STYX Project Director Jim Cahill, Steve Ewing, Beaver Productions Barry Leff & WLUP Chicago Program director Tim Kelly & GM Jimmy de Castro. This review illustrates how we harnessed the power of radio “theatre of the mind” to create events out of STYX 1981 Concerts. The legendary Bill Guthrie voiced the review and Earl Levy voiced the concert promos. Two of the most uniquely talented announcers in radio history.


STYX 2005 Super Spot

STYX, Kansas & John Waite Tour. Working with the band again after all these years is fantastic. Our agency (HSMM) has since worked on Cyclorama, The Journey/REO Arena Tour & STYX Electronic Press Kit. Thanks JY & Tommy-Love U guys Forever. Thanks to G Terry Gibson for putting the love vibe back together.
This promo produced by Cahill, Atkinson, Ewing,
Robie at HSMM/Marina.
Jim Pratt voiced

STYX 1983 Tour Spots-Version 2

Right-These were the spots we began using as we started to shy away from the strange Kilroy oddesy. As the LP peaked and the tour needed to be more “rock concert” than rock “opera” Notice the
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