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Styx Promo Archive

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Styx 77-83 Blog & Podcast

During the years 1977 thru 1983, I had the great good fortune to be the promotion manager (Project Director) for the multi-platinum rock group STYX. My job was clear cut. I was charged with promoting the band to radio (get airplay) and TV outlets (get exposure) and producing the radio & TV advertising campaigns that promoted every STYX tour from 1977-1983. After the ill fated 1983 STYX Tour I spent time working on various soundtracks (Fast Times) for Frontline Management and then Universal Pictures (Breakfast Club, 16 Candles) before heading back to Azoff Entertainment to try my hand at Television. We produced prime time specials for Fox & MCA television and ABC Primetime. In (1991) I founded a creative services agency focused on network television graphics, ID’s and promos and branding which I still operate today with my partner Jim Atkinson.

In the year 2001, I appeared on the popular VH1 TV program STYX “Behind The Music.” Since that program aired (repeatedly), I have been asked literally dozens of times about exactly what when on during those days. I have saved many pictures, video clips, news clips, radio bits, contests,promos, TV spots, music videos and more from those wild years. Chasing Platinum in those crazy daze during the mid 70’s to early 80’s was a once in a lifetime experience. I have assembled this blog & podcast together to share what I remember about those days as well as organize the media I helped produce so those who are
truly interested in hearing it again or seeing it again actually can. Sources came from audio cassettes, Beta-Max video, VHS video, Super 8 film 16mm film, 35mm stills, ,CineKodak, Polavision, Nagra audio 2 track plus quarter inch audio 2 & 4 tracks.

Thanks to JY (who brought me in) Tommy Shaw (my friend & hero) & Steve Ewing (the best there ever wuz). Also to Larry Hansen-whose unique, world class editorial skills could truly bring to life “theatre” of the mind radio. Special Thanks to Terry Gibson for re-igniting the love and to JY again for allowing me back in to the circle of trust. All the STYX boys too of course & partner Jim Atkinson. Super special thanks to P7 Paul Robie who has maximized the quality of the enclosed and been my post audio soul mate with Jim A since the late 90’s. Enjoy...

It all began for me in post audio in the 4 Track (Sony TC-850) production studio of WRKR FM 100.7 in Racine Wisconsin in 1974.

Theatre of the mind radio was both the inspiration and flash point of something that got very, very BIG! We participated in the birth of arena rock and for a moment ruled the Earth. What a ride.

Jim Cahill
Marina del Rey, CA

photo-Jim Cahill at Irving Azoff’s Frontline Management offices (1982) on Melrose Av, Los Angeles after getting a quick birthday surprise coming off the elevator.


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