First off....I'd like to thank all the people that helped with this site.
Special thanks to Jan Weir and LouAnn Erickson for  helping me test the site.  Thanks to Sheri Hastings, Julie Kersbergen, Laura Richter and Susan Turnbow for giving me permission to use some of their AWESOME Chuck photographs.  Awesome is the only way to describe them.   Thank you Mary Jean Lelek for your photos and suggestions.  I'll be adding more photos so there will be more individual thank you's to come in the very near future. 

Brigitte Boulais, Laura Richter, and Jeff & LouAnn Erickson:  I can't thank you all enough for sending the photo cd's.   It was going above and beyond with being so nice and all the photographs are amazing. 

Thank you Mark Lew for being the first to send the live 2004 photos.  It was very nice of you to send the photo cd.   They are very cool pics from the 2/26/04 show at Lowell. 

Thank you Lisa Brickler for the cool photos of Chuck!!!

6/30/04 ~ I want to thank  Mark Lew, Julie Kersbergen, Doug Philbrick, Susan Turnbow, Sheri Hastings, Rory McGregor and Judy (of for the great East & West Coast shots of Chuck.  They are all truly fantastic!

Special thanks to Mark Lew for making the special "Chuck Panozzo" ID tags.   I was wearing mine at the Pittsburgh show and the inquiries about the tag from fans was amazing.  The tag has a photo of the painting Chuck made and donated to the
Classic Rock Art Show to benefit the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.   The painting is titled "Red Ribbon" and you can learn more about it on the site.  Very Cool, Mark!

9/20/04 ~ And ANOTHER VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Mark Lew for allowing the use of his great photo of Chuck to be used in the store.  It's the photo from the home page.  All profits go to Pediatric AIDS.  Mark, I can't thank you enough for all you've done.  This is such a great cause and please know I couldn't have done it without your help!!!

10/20/04 ~ Thanks sis (MJ) for the great photos you took at Casino Rama

11/06/04 ~ Many thanks go out to Doug Philbrick for sending the photo CD of the last two Atlanta shows.  Plus the cool concert footage.  Thanks rock!

2/28/05 ~ I'd like to thank Kim Sawyer and Patti Hearn for EVERYTHING!  Kim you're the best!  Patti, you are rock!  What would I do without the two of you?!

Everyone:  Please keep those photos coming...more are always welcome and appreciated.

Chuck would also like to "thank everyone who has contributed photos and time to make this a stellar place to visit"

Finally, I want to thank Chuck for his contirbutions to the site.  His photos and personal messages make this site an awesome place to visit.   And thank you for being the warm, caring soul we all love so much.   Chuck, you're the best.
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