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This site is about one of the Greatest "Rock Bands" of all time, STYX. Often shunned by the media for any number of reasons, their contributions and influences on the rock and pop music scene of the 70's and 80's and once again in the new millennium is unparalleled.

Long time fans are aware of the politics and issues surrounding the band and this site is not going to intentionally add fuel to the fire. Instead, it is to celebrate the musical contributions of all band members, the band and their outside projects through articles and interviews.

Other than whatever you may read into it, the only opinion that you will find will be that of the members of this band and those that write the articles.

My hope is that this becomes a destination site where you come to see what the members had to say over their careers and a place to reminisce about the time that brought this wonderful music into your life.

At the core of the site are the many dates that Styx has toured throughout it's career. That has expanded to include discography, solo work and the archives - A representation of former sites of the band and affiliated connections. There are currently more than 32,000 items within the site including documents and pictures associated with this site.

Updates can be found on the Updates page of this site.

Enjoy your time here and visit often.

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This is a fan site. It is in no way associated with Styx, its members,
or its management and makes no claims to do so.