"I think the kids of this school should be offered new and different opportunities to have some good times. There isn't a whole lot to do in Downers Grove and I believe school affiliated activities should try to remedy this," said senior Mike Hart. His hopes came true on February 28, the evening Downers South presented the legendary Styx concert. Sponsored by senior officers through Dex Card, the class was able to reap 10 percent of ticket sales; a sum totalling $1400 to be used for prom.

Holding a capacity crowd of 3600, conditions were far from perfect. Many students found it hard to endure sitting on the floor and the heat radiating through the bleachers. Cindy Kelso stated, "I really liked the concert except all the smoke and cramped conditions made the gym unbearably hot."

Reactions to the show put on by Styx were varied. "Fantastic" said Lynn Gonio. "Lousy compared to other more professional groups I've seen," were Dave Nystrom's feelings. Pat McCullugh liked the strobe lighting and felt it created an interesting atmosphere. Keith Chvatal complained about the backup group. "Fawn wasn't very good and it seemed like they played for an eternity." One girl was irritated by students continually standing up while another was scared when the big boom went off. Favorite songs included the hit, "Lady", "Father", and "All You Really Need is Love".

It was a strange feeling to observe the DGS gymnasium packed with unfamiliar faces. Some students felt as though teens from all over the Chicago area were joining together to celebrate an exciting event.


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1975 Downers Grove South High School Yearbook Article
June 1975

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