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Save Me
Written by Dennis DeYoung
Lead Vocals by Dennis DeYoung

Baby, I think I'm going insane
My mind it seems is like some runaway train
I knew this life I've led would take its toll
But now at last I fear I'm losing control
Losing my soul, losing my soul

Oh and lately I keep dreamin bout death
The devil smiles as I Take my last breath
Then I reach out to an angel in the sky
And as he takes my hand I start to cry.

Save me, save me from all I've become
Won't you help me, I'm constantly numb
Save me, save me I've fallen from grace
Won't you help me, help me find my place

And baby I'm addicted I know
Each day I try just to let it all go
And though I know that I'm dying from the shame
Well here I go again like a moth to a flame

Save me, save me, save me I pray
Won't you help me, help me find my way
Save me, save me, I'm empty inside
Won't you help me, I've no place to hide

Save me, save me,I so need your help
Won't you save me, save me from myself
Save me, save me, save me tonight
Come on tell me I'm gonna be alright

One Hundred Years From Now
2007 DEP
Studio CD
One Hundred Years From Now
2009 Rounder Studio CD
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