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Outside Looking In
Written by Dennis DeYoung
Lead Vocals by Dennis DeYoung

It's New Year's Eve again
I fear the resolution
One more year awaits by the door
Rumors and regrets of no win situations
Standing here tonight I'm so unsure

Only yesterday I greeted each tomorrow
Hungry for the chance to touch the sky
But even in the best of times I was all alone
Facing the crossroads
Trying' to find my way back home

Outside looking in again
Outside sails against the wind
All the time I wasted all the scattered dreams
All the precious moments they keep staring
Back at me

Ten years come and gone
Like blowing out a candle
The fire dies out but smoke still fills the air
Restless with the time
I've wondered in the waiting
How could I have been so unaware

Now I'm outside looking in again
Outside sails against the wind
We had something special I tried to make you see
And when it finally ended
I know you never thought you'd be
Outside looking in once again

I've tried to deny it, but what can I do
I look in the mirror
Lord I know it's true

Outside looking in again
Outside sails against the wind
All at once it's New Year's Eve
And every sign keeps on telling me
I'm outside looking in once again


Boom Child 1988 MCA Studio CD
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