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Alms For The Beggerman
Written by Dennis DeYoung

- Clopin and Friends -
Alms for the beggar man
Please help the indigent of Paris
Madame I need a bit of sympathy

Alms for the beggar man
Who's there, don't be afraid of touching me
Blindness is not exactly leprosy

Alms for the beggar man
Kind sir can you spare a franc for some food
I'll take any gift you give but shoes

Alms for the beggar man
Hey look, these were hiding inside my clothes
At last I've got some hands to pick my nose

My God it's a miracle
My eyes have suddenly begun to see
Turns out it was just this handkerchief

Mais oui, call the doctors and physicians

To see

My legs in excellent reconditioned

We three, suddenly have found religion

Look in my eyes

At my arms

And my legs

And you'll see a true epiphany

We are the kings of lies disguise and deception
When we beg or steal it's devoid of detection
Real work is simply out of the question
There's no occupation
For gypsies crooks and thieves
So come on boys let's count up all the donations
Split the take and have a little libation
Hard work deserves a little vacation
A celebration, so join us in this dance

Alms for the beggar men
Reach out for someone who truly needs

We are the beggar men
We'll take anything you have to give
Voila we have to live

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