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Ave Maria
Written by Dennis DeYoung

- Frollo -
What can I do
Never before have I been untrue
I've given my life
No family or friends no children no wife
I've asked no reward
Just the work of our Lord

Where can I go
With every breath I fear for my soul
God how I've tried
To keep these passions locked up inside
But now I confess
To these sins of the flesh

Esmerelda that gypsy that temptress has stolen my heart
Here in a world where it's hard to believe
A spell has been cast over me
Tell me what can I do
Ave Maria
Pray for me in my moment of need
Ave Maria
How I hope tonight that you'll send your guiding light to me

- Quasimodo -
Look at this face
All that I've known is fear and disgrace
I yearn for love
Mother of God look down from above
And give me the words that speak only to her

For all of my life
I've been consumed
By anger and spite
Could you not see
How the whole world reacted to me
I pity the child
Who has been so reviled
But the moment she touched me I swear that my soul came alive
And though I fear love never could be
For her and someone like me
I need to know

Ave Maria
Pray for all banished children of Eve
Ave Maria
How I hope tonight
That you'll send your guiding light to me

(Repeat chorus in duet)

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