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Bless Me Father
Written by Dennis DeYoung

- Frollo -
Bless me Father I have sinned, I vow today I shall begin
I will not rest till I am perfect in your eyes
By holy orders given me, grant absolution here for thee
I will not sleep till I've destroyed all Satan's lies
I will baptize them in your name, anoint the sick and help the lame
And show forgiveness to all those who've gone astray
I'll feed the hungry and the poor, and preach your word at every
Door, and give the sacraments to those who've gone astray
Who've lost their way

But who will comfort me, in this my hour of need
For I cannot forgive myself, no matter who I've helped
As long as this desire still burns in me
Please tell me what to do, my life has become a lie
Answer me, you can save me from disgrace
Set me free, with sanctifying grace
Lord on high, shine your light
For I fear I cannot go, until at last I know
Will you still love this child
Please answer me before it is too late

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