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By The Grace Of God
Written by Dennis DeYoung

- Frollo -
By the grace of God
This could be you standing here today
By the grace of God
You could be blinded and lame

Can't you see
That all God's children
Deserve dignity
And don't you know
Without a word
You could lose all control

No guarantees to your master plan
The powers in his hand
Your world could be crushed with his nod
But for the grace of God

May the Lamb of God
Forgive these sins you commit today
May the Lamb of God
Find you repentant and shamed

King of fools
In heaven's name how could you be so cruel
Can't you see
He had no voice in his deformity

Can you predict with certainty
The way that things will be
When life's but a worthless facade
But for the grace of God

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