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Who Will Love this Child
Written by Dennis DeYoung

Frollo -
Who will love this child
When others turn away
Who will be there to sacrifice
Turn darkness into light, and
Wipe away the tears each time they fall.

And who will love this child
So lost and all alone
Do we pretend we cannot see
How desperately he needs
The comfort and the peace that love can bring

And if we close our hearts
To the cry of a child in need

Who will care
For an orphan in the rain
Who'll be there
With comfort from the pain

Lord on high
Shine your light
For I fear I cannot go
Until at last I know
Who will love this child

And when the moment comes
For someone to lend a hand
Who will care
For a child without a name
Who'll be there
When others whisper shame

Lord on high
Shine your light

For I fear we all shall pay
If no one here will say
Who will love this child
This child
This child

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