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Dark Side: The Contrary Side of Man
Written by James Young
Lead Vocals by James Young

When I was just a youngster
A child with conscience clean
Life's answers seemed so plain to me
But when we venture into
The world at large it seems
That things are different indeed
I need to know...

Why am I drawn to the dark side?
I'm so confused, & I'm wondering why
It seems like so much fun being bad
When they think I'm an innocent lad?

They taught me modern manners
Taught me to be polite
Taught everything they thought I'd need
But I've got burning questions
Tough choices facing me
What's my responsibility?
Tell me...

What's the attraction of the dark side?
The big bucks for those little white lies
And bein' good seems as boring as hell
I feel the pull of the dark side

Lyric opera & parlor games
They're much too tame
But it is insane?

To be drawn to the dark side
I'm really bored with the good guys
What makes me wanna sin until dawn
Even though I know it's wrong?

Ice cream socials & tiddlywinks
I think it stinks
I'm on the brink

Of being drawn to the dark side
I'm wide awake in the dead of night
Being good seems as boring as hell
I feel the pull of the dark side

I'm in a state of confusion
In some kind of a southern California hell
Is there anything really wrong with a little light-hearted deviltry?
Who really wants to do what they're told anyway.
JY...he's the...he's the...
Jim and Tammy, we'll see you down there.

Out On A Day Pass 1994 Whitehouse
Studio LP, CD
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