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Love Me Tonight
Written by Victor Young
Lead Vocals by James Young

You're a mystery to me now
But I see you smiling
Out of the corner of my eye
I know you're trying
To find some company and
Maybe pass some time
Friends seem so hard to find

Say you're lonely, it's not hard to see
Come on with me and fly for free
Say you're confused, got nothing to lose
Your mind resists but you can't refuse

Love me tonight
Not tomorrow
Passion ignites
You & me
Love me tonight
Till the morning
Make it alright
For me

Just like the waves which wash
So endlessly upon the sands
I will show you
Timeless wonderlands, come on

Love me tonight
Not tomorrow
Spirits unite
You & me, like
Burning brightly
Passion ignites
You & me
Love me tonight

Out On A Day Pass 1994 Whitehouse
Studio LP, CD
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