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Out On A Day Pass
Written by James Young & Steven Jones
Lead Vocals by James Young

I can't believe the shape I'm in
I'm living on adrenalin
They check me out every now and then
To see how I fit in
Don't ask me about my mental state
I know you think I can't relate
I can't adjust, I have this need
Habits I've got to feed

I'm out, on a day pass
I feel like my mind is reaching critical mass
You know I'm out, on a day pass
I know it's too good to last
I'm hoping it's gonna last

I stand accused of making noise
They claim my mind is null and void
In my defense, you know
Boys will be boys
They took away my toys
I have these fits I can't control
It must be demons in my soul
These ups and downs can take a toll
Right now I'm on a roll

I'm out, on a day pass....

Haircut & a pair of shoes
I'll go downtown and spread the news
I'm gonna rock 'till I blow a fuse
I got no time to lose
Don't talk to me about my mental health
Sometimes I even scare myself
I better run, 'cause I don't know when
They'll let me out again

I'm out, on a day pass....

Out On A Day Pass 1994 Whitehouse
Studio LP, CD
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