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City of Hope
Written by Louie DePasqua / Ken Harck / Hank Horton / James Young
Lead Vocals by James Young

Put some blood on the drums
We're gonna take a stance
We're calling back the spirits
To do that tribal dance

In the name of Jesus
They claimed this property
Cause the one true religion
Don't need no quit claim deed

You're the City of Holy
Faith in the desert sands
Lady Macbeth you are
Red blood is on your hands
You're the City of Holy Faith

Better hide the children
And get on your knees and pray
Cause in the room next to the alter
Holy men have gone astray

In the City of Holy Faith
An evil secret hides
Fallen angels there
Well sheltered from the light
In the City of Holy Faith

"In the middle of the second millennium
They came to the high desert, and
In the name of God, they did things that pleased Satan"

Take a young mind
And twist it all around
But on the day of your atonement
You hide on hallowed ground

In the City of Holy Faith...

Raised by Wolves April 18
Absolute Studio CD
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