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Into The Fire
Written by James Young, Michael Baran, Ken Harck
Lead Vocals by James Young

Driving in the rain down the highway of life
Pedal stuck to the metal on a white knuckle flight
Don't know where I'm going but can't seem to slow down
It's a drag race to nowhere in a make believe town
Lonely town

Traveling in a place where the sun never shines
In the gaping black hole of the subconscious mind
What am I doing here, why did I come?
I really wanna stay but I know I should run
Run away

Into the fire, she leads me blindly
Into the fire, baby treat me kindly
Your body's warm, but I've been told
Your heart is cold

Far from the mountains in the valley so low
Take me on down where the river runs slow
Roll me in the water so my eyes can't see
The place that might be the end of me

Raised by Wolves April 18
Absolute Studio CD
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