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Down That Highway
Written by Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades
Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades

Little baby crying for attention
let me tell you I could use some too
A little late for an ounce of prevention
Better think of something else to do

What happened to the days of summer
They came and they went too fast
Should have known it wouldn't last forever
Now it's all just part of the past
Memories, down that highway
Whoa yesterday

Sitting in with the boys and a six-string
Singing every Beatles song we knew
Getting lucky with a girl at the drive-in
Keep me happy for a month or two

School year dragged by so slowly
Seemed like it wouldn't ever end
Summer flew by out of control and
Left me here again with the memories
Down that highway
Whoa yesterday

Now Jimmy got lost somewhere in L.A.
Paco's in trouble with the D.E.A.
J.J. took the easy way out
Little Debbie never knew just what it was all about
She still don't know today

So much for the easy answers
So much for the simple cure
So easy when you start with nothing
Feels good when you get a little more

About time I ought to get happy
About time I ought to feel good
Never know when they call your number
St. Peter gonna lock that gate anyway
Down that highway
Whoa, yesterday
Whoa, yesterday

Hallucination 1995 Warner Bros Studio CD
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