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Are You Ready For Me
Written by Tommy Shaw, Terry Thomas
Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw

I hear you're really something
Is it true you broke a million hearts?
Try a million and one

You've got a private number
You've got a foreign car that's always parked
Where the high rollers run

Well I'm not impressed and you don't get it
What I've got for you is one big surprise

(Are you ready for me)
I might break your heart
(Are you ready for me)
Tear your world apart
Are you ready ready ready for me

Not in you wildest dreams
Did you ever think that just one man
Could make you lose your control

Well I can tell you're tempted
Honey here I am
All you've got to do
Is never say no

You've got the questions
I've got the answers
If you've got the lock
I've sure got the key

I am the one your daddy warned you about
All the things he said are probably true

So make up your mind
I can take it or leave it
'Cause you know in your heart
What you're gonna do

What it's all about
Ooh babe I'll make you scream and shout
We're gonna do it again
Ooh again and again and again...

Ambition 1987 Atlantic Studio CD
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