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Love You Too Much
Written by Tommy Shaw, Terry Thomas
Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw

Driving through the midnight rain
Blinded by the light
Thinking about those things you told me
Late last night

Words keep running round in my mind
All the anger in your eyes
The way you told me we were over
The way you cried

Oh I drove through the night
The rain just kept beating down
The first sign of morning
I stopped in this strange little town

Somewhere in the night
The answer's escaping me now
Somewhere in the night
It's hiding in the shadows

Somewhere in the night
The answer is waiting for me
And I won't see
Until the morning light

Found a place to drink some coffee
Sat staring at the phone
Kept thinking of the way I left you
So all alone

Remembered all the things we've been through
So I got the phone and dialed
I'd give up every thing I had
If I could see you smile

Oh it rang and it rang
So nervous I started to shake
You picked up and answered
So lonely I felt my heart break

(The following chorus and verse is printed on the liner notes with the CD,
but it was left out of the final cut of the song)

SomewTried to call you late last night
But you just let it ring
I drove right round and rang your bell
You wouldn't let me in

Ever since I met you girl
My friends all say I'm strange
But I don't care what they believe
I'm ready for this change

I can't live without you
I want to be around you
All through the night

I want to run right over
I really need to show you
You set my heart alight

I love you too much
Ooh I can't wait to feel your special touch
Ii love you too much
I look at you and I can't believe my luck

I want to be with you each minute of the day
I never thought that I could feel this way
I love you too much

Well I've never been this way before
You don't know what you've done
I can't think of nothing else
You really are the one

But you're still playing hard to get
Laying down the rules
I'm on fire I'm burning up
And girl you act so cool

I'm in far too deep
I don't get much sleep
I just lie here in my bed

I know I can't escape it
I'm gonna have to face it
I'm over my head

I love you too much...

I've been looking for an explanation
But so far it's hard to find
What you're doing to my reputation
What you're doing to my mind
Yeah yeah yeah

Ambition 1987 Atlantic Studio CD
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