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Come In and Explain
Written by Tommy Shaw
Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw

I know it's later than we think
But come on can't you stay for one more drink
The morning seems to come so fast
There's got to be a way to make it last

Well you said
Don't throw yourself at me
We're something that won't ever be
When you say you miss the love so bad
Well you can't miss what you never had

I've spent so much time getting crazy
Now I'm trying to be sane
Baby listen to me
Won't you let me
Come in and explain

Stay on the line
Give me an answer
There must be some way I can get this through to you
You should be mine
Not someone else's (nobody else's)

You know this isn't very easy
But I'll try it once again
Baby listen to me won't you let me
Come in and explain

You know it's not a mystery
What the love of a good woman can do
God damn the history
That's gonna change
It's gonna change because of you

Girls With Guns 1984 A&M Studio LP, CS, CD
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