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Race Is On
Written by Tommy Shaw
Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw

The race is on
The race is on and I don't want to go

I'm backing a winner
And I'm not afraid of taking the chance
(There's no chance, I've got an inside tip)

You may say I'm a sinner
I've waited too long to get in the game
(Just the same, I'll take the chance)

There's no way
That I'm going to let go
I've been reaching long enough to know what I want
Is not so hard to touch
It just looks that way
Because I want it so much

That I can taste it
And I'm not gonna waste a minutes more time
(That's all right for some people)
But I won't spend my life waiting in line

Reaching out
For some shooting star
We keep hearing that it's right where we are
All I want
And all that I can find
Is the strength I need
To keep up with my mind
The race is on

The race is on
The race is on and I don't want to go

Girls With Guns 1984 A&M Studio LP, CS, CD
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