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Back In Your Kitchen
Written by Tommy Shaw, Gary Byrd
Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw

Well you had me from the start
You were so good lookin'
And then you stole my heart
With your down home cooking

Fried chickens and greens,...
Pot roast on Sundays
Fried okra and beets
Corn bread on Mondays

Well I haven't had that sweet full feelingS
ince I don't know when
Tell me what can I do
To get back in your kitchen again

I never would have dreamed
Ther'd beso much lovin'
In the simple things
Tthat come out of your oven

The smell of those cobblers
And home made pies
Well if this is a dream
I won't open my eyes

It's a symphony of recipes and
I don't want that music to end
Tell what can I do to get back in your kitchen again

The Great Divide 2011 Pazzo Music Studio CD, Vinyl
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