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The Great Divide
Written by Tommy Shaw, Brad Davis
Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw

Believing that our love was over
We climbed to the attic to find
A few of my favorite possessions
So they wouldn't be left behind

But there in a dust covered shoe box
A bundle of old letters lie
Wrapped in an old faded ribbon
Like a message across the great divide

Those letters from grandpa to grandma
Hand-written with love through the years
Read just like the words from a love song
As we read them together in tears

The last one said I'll always love you
And "Don't ever feel sad or cry
Cause if I cross over before you
I'll be waiting across the great divide"

Oh, love has a life of it's own
Love, love, love has a life of it's own

We knew when we finished those letters
No one would be saying goodbye
They sent us the gift of forever
With those letters 'cross the great divide

Oh, love has a life of it's own
Love, love, love is a live

Like those letters 'cross the great divide

The Great Divide 2011 Pazzo Music Studio CD, Vinyl
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