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Bad Times
Written by Tommy Shaw
Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw

Make a wish
Climb a tree
Make believe that you still love me

I'm the one with the funny face
Who made you laugh
Made you lose your place

Don't let the bad times chase you away
Good times are coming and
It's gonna be okay
Don't let the bad times chase you away
Let's get naked
Take a dip
I'll be the submarine you be the ship
We need vacation
We need some sun
We've been working too hard
To please everyone

You know these bad times
Are only temporary
Running away is not necessary
I don't know anyone who likes February

It's too damn cold
It's just too damn cold

See these tears in my eyes
It takes a lot to make a grown man cry
But cry I will until you come back home

I don't want to spend the night alone

Don't you remember the plans we made
I can't believe you want
To throw them away
Don't let the bad times chase you away

What If 1985 A&M Studio CD
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