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See Me Now
Written by Tommy Shaw
Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw

Oh babe I'm on top of the world
And I can't look down
I can't look down

You're still out there
I can almost hear you call
Look out girl I'm ready to fall

The mountains we've climbed
The bridges we've crossed
In the book of my dreams
They'll never be lost

Come on darling commit yourself
Open up your heart and let yourself go

If you could only see me now
You'd see me different than before
Somehow I've got to make you see
There's a place for you here with me

Whatever happened to my good-time friends
Free as a bird
As wild the wind
Everyone laughed and tried there best
To put us down
I'm still here
They're no longer around

They've settled down now
They're so civilized
If you saw them today you'd hardly
Recognize them
I'll never understand
What happened to them all
It's only me here now
But I'll catch you if you fall

Remember the nights we spent on the island
The days we laughed
And played in the sunshine
We roared with the lion

What If 1985 A&M Studio CD
Live In Japan 1985 A&M Live
(Japan Release)
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