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This Is Not A Test
Written by Tommy Shaw
Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw

The music's interrupted by an old
Familiar sound
We've heard it all our lives
Who paid attention

Then the radio announcer tells us
This has been a test
I never heard the rest
I always changed the station

Mr. President our radar shows
An image in the skies
And we believe it's headed our
The Russians aren't responding
And we're up against the clock
It seems there's no avoiding
This deadly confrontation

And this is not a test
No video effect

No science fiction quest for glory
And this is not a test
There'll be no turning back
The hour is at hand
And this is not a test
You can ignore
We've not been here before
Let's hear it for the war

How did peace and freedom
Disappear before our very eyes
And leave us in this desperate situation
There is no way to justify
For country or for God
The heavens are a battlefield
And now this confrontation

What If 1985 A&M Studio CD
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