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Brave New World Reprise
Written by Tommy Shaw, James Young
Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw

No fear
No pain
Never any need to worry again
More new cures
No more war
We're better off now than we were before
And the sun will always shine
You never shed a tear again
In the brave new world
You never shed a tear again
In the brave new world

Here in the brave new world's embrace
I watch the parade begin
How will I know if there's a place
For me in the brave new world

Heavy, heavy water
Won't wash away the sins of the father

Who's that walking out the door
Who can't take it any more
Who's walking that path will fall

You tell me who's number one
(Heavy water)
Who's not here who's having fun
(Won't wash away the sins of the father)
Who's that knocking on the door
Who's not taking any more
Who's been down that road before
Without you

Brave New World 1999 Sanctuary Studio CD
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