Track Listing Time
Do Things My Way 4:57
Waiting For Our Time 4:13
Fields Of the Brave 3:24
Bourgeois Pig 0:49
Kiss Your Ass Good Bye 3:14
These Are The Times 6:46
Yes I Can 3:51
More Love For The Money 3:48
Together 4:47
Fooling Yourself
(Palm of Your Hands)
Captain America 3:54
Killing The One That You Love 5:36
One With Everything 5:57
Genki Desu Ka 6:14
Styx: Tommy Shaw (vocals, acoustic, electric, baritone, 6 & 12 string guitars, mandolin); James "JY" Young (vocals, electric guitar); Lawrence Gowan (vocals, piano, organ, synthesizer); Todd Sucherman (vocals, synthesizer bass, drums, percussion, loops); Glen Burtnik (vocals, bass, 12 string electric guitar, electric, upright and sythesizer); Chuck Panozzo (bass).
Album Release Label Cover Type Formats
Cyclorama 2003 CMC
Studio CD
Year Chart Position
2003 The Billboard 200 127
Worldwide Singles
Year Single Chart Position
2003 "Waiting for Our Time" Mainstream Rock Tracks 37
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