The Grand Illusion
Track Listing Time Release
Grand Illusion 4:37  
Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) 5:31 Single
Superstars 3:55  
Come Sail Away 6:07 Single - Video
Miss America 5:02  
Man in the Wilderness 5:50  
Castle Walls 5:58  
The Grand Finale 1:57  
Styx: Dennis DeYoung (vocals, keyboards, synthesizer); Tommy Shaw (acoustic & electric guitars, background vocals); James Young (guitar, background vocals); Chuck Panozzo (bass, background vocals); John Panozzo (drums, percussion, background vocals).
Album Release Label Cover Type Formats
The Grand Illusion 1977 A&M Studio LP,Cassette, CD
Year Chart Position
1977 US Billboard 200 6
US Singles
Year Single Chart Position
1977 Come Sail Away US Billboard Hot 100 8
1977 Fooling Yourself
(The Angry Young Man)
US Billboard Hot 100 29
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