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Black Wall
Written by Dennis DeYoung
Lead Vocals by Dennis DeYoung

I was lucky you know
I wasn't there
I didn't have to go and face my fear
But still this hidden pain
Comes up from the belly of the beast
And even ten years past
We're haunted now from both sides of the truth
And the ghosts of Dien Bien Phu

This war keeps hanging on
As if it were today
'Cause many a good men died
On the road from Tet to Hue
They won every battle they fought
But the one that raged at home
And now the only words that count
Are the names carved out in stone
As tears fall onto stone

Black Wall
Black Wall

Sound the bugle boy
For a twenty-one gun salute
Call for the ticker tape
And assemble all the troops
Not a word about dominoes
Or the horrors of napalm
Let Johnny come marching home
And greet him with a prayer and a psalm
For the boys of Vietnam
The boys of Vietnam
Let Johnny come back to the world

Back to the world
Back to the world

Back To The World 1986 A&M Studio CD
The Ultimate Collection Oct 19
Compilation CD
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