Ultimate Collection
~ Dennis DeYoung ~
Track Listing Time Release
This is the Time 3:54 Back To The World
Desert Moon 6:09 Desert Moon
Call Me 4:45 Back To The World
Don't Wait For Heroes 4:47 Desert Moon
Warning Shot 4:26 Back to the World
Dear Darling
(I'll Be There)
4:30 Desert Moon
Suspicious 4:58 Desert Moon
Southbound Ryan 4:42 Back to the World
Black Wall 5:45 Back to the World
Unanswered Prayers 6:32 Back to the World
Gravity 4:51 Desert Moon
Beneath The Moon 4:42 Boomchild
Harry's Hands 4:52 Boomchild
Boomchild 4:55 Boomchild
The Grand Illusion 4:13 Rerecorded
The Ultimate Collection Oct 19
Compilation CD
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