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Southbound Ryan
Written by Dennis DeYoung
Lead Vocals by Dennis DeYoung

I've been all around the world
In nearly every city
London, Paris, Amsterdam and Tokyo
I've stood inside the Berlin Wall
I've seen the Eiffel Tower
One rainy night in Montreal
I shouted Rock 'N' Roll
I saw a monkey steal the show
Way down in Mexico
But the Southbound Ryan
It takes me home
The Southbound Ryan, I love that road

People always ask me why
I still live in this city
Seems half the population
Took the bus to Hollywood
I just smile at them
And say baby I like the weather
Maybe it's courage
Maybe it's fear
Hell, all my friends are here
This town is a habit
I can't break
The city on the make
The Southbound Ryan
Damn that road
Southbound Ryan
Take me home

Southbound Ryan
Damn that road
Southbound Ryan
I love that road


Back To The World 1986 A&M Studio CD
The Ultimate Collection Oct 19
Compilation CD
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