Dennis DeYoung Lyrics Archive

Written by Dennis DeYoung
Lead Vocals by Dennis DeYoung

Gravity keeps pulling me down
(repeat 7X)

I want to go to Houston, I want to fly to the stars
But I may not have the "Right Stuff" to make the trip to Mars
'Cause it's so hard for me to get my weight off the ground
Yes, it's that Gravity - It keeps pulling me down

I want to climb Mount Everest, and find my Shangri-La
Learn the secrets of the Universe from the Wise Man in Nepal
But it's so hard for me - That mountain's so steep
I know my nose will bleed, 'cause Gravity don't sleep
It don't sleep...

I'm floating... I'm floating... above the crowd
No tensions... no pressures... I touch the clouds
I'm flying... I'm flying... in ecstasy
My problems can't find me... Zero Gravity

Gravity keeps pulling me down
That Gravity keeps pulling me down

I want to be a driver at the Monaco Grand Prix
Have the fastest car in Europe, and meet the Royal Family
But it's so dangerous - It's not the speed that I fear
It's just so difficult to get my motor in gear

I want to be a Millionaire, and own a baseball team
Have a private jet for shopping trips, and a chauffeured limousine
And pay no income tax, and be healthy and sound
But it's my Gravity - It keeps holding me down

Desert Moon 1984 A&M Studio CASSETTE,
The Ultimate Collection Oct 19
Compilation CD
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